The Genealogist’s Internet

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About the links

Internal links

In its original digital format, the fifth edition has page references, and these are identical to those in the print edition. Since the digital version had neither distinct pages or any indication of page numbers, these references weren’t actually of any use.

In this edition, however, even though there are, again, no explicit page numbers, the page references in the text have been made to link to the correct location in the book. Cross-references between chapters, too, have been furnished with links.

Each screenshot in the text is also a link to a full-size image.

External links

All the external links in this book were correct when the book went to the printers in May 2012. At the end of 2023, a check revealed that over one third of them no longer worked or no longer led to the same material.

Repaired links

For around half the broken links, the content seems simply to have been moved to a new address — often because a site has been reorganized — and I have updated the broken link to the new location. However, in the intervening years a page may well have had changes in content, design and external links. In consequence, this book’s description of what you will find on such a site may no longer be entirely accurate. To alert you to this possibility, these updated links are indicated by <dotted underlining>.

One particular type of broken link has been treated differently. A handful of pages from official websites have been archived at the UK Government Web Archive at <>. Where I have found such an archived version, the link, marked <in red with dashed underlining>, will take you to the entry in the archive. The information on the archived page may, naturally, still be out-of-date, particularly things such as contact details or onward links, but it will, at least, match what this book says about it.

Broken links

The remaining broken links have been <greyed out>. Although it is irritating that they no longer work, they are not wholly useless. For vanished content that might be useful to you, there are a number of approaches to hunting it down if it’s still available:

As with the repaired links, if you track down such material in a new location do not be surprised if what you find there has been modified, and no longer matches the book’s description.

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