Web Publishing for Genealogy


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  1. Introduction
    • What is the World Wide Web?
    • Why is the Web useful for genealogists?
    • What do you need for Web Publishing?
    • How Web pages work
    • The Process of Web Publishing
  2. Web Publishing Software
    • Text Editors
    • HTML Editors
    • Word-Processors and other applications
    • WYSIWYG Web authoring tools
    • HTML Converters
    • Other file formats
    • Other Utilities
    • Which is the best tool?
  3. Genealogical Tools
    • Genealogy Software with Web output
    • GEDCOM conversion tools
    • Genealogy Software without Web facilities
  4. Designing Your Web Site
    • What to include
    • Organizing your Information
    • The Look of Your Pages
    • Good and Bad Web design
    • Legal and Ethical Issues
  5. Creating the Pages
    • A Skeleton Page
    • Understanding Tags
    • Basic Page Design
  6. Going Public
    • Publishing Your Pages
    • Getting Readers for Your Pages
    • Maintaining & Improving Your Web Site
  7. Advanced Web Facilities
    • Style Sheets
    • Image Maps
    • Dynamic Web pages
    • Frames
    • Controlling Access
  8. Appendices
    • Glossary
    • Recommended Books & Articles
    • Where to Get Web Software
    • On-line Resources
  9. Index

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