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Fig. 2Web pages created from a database
Page 20 [UK]
Page 23 [US]
Pedigree Chart in Adobe Acrobat format
(requires Acrobat viewer)
Fig. 3Web pages created by Ultimate Family Tree
Fig. 4Web pages created by Family Matters
Fig. 5 Web pages created by GED2HTML -
Entry illustrated in book
Fig. 6Pedigree Chart as GIF
Fig. 7Indented descendants chart from an RTF file
Fig. 8Surname Frequency List "printed" from PAF
Fig. 10Image formats for photographs
Fig. 11Skeleton Page
Fig. 12Headings & Rules
Fig. 13The Two Main Types of List
Fig. 14Navigation Aids Within a Page
Fig. 15Using Tables for Layout
Fig. 16Using a Form & Script for a Parish Register Search