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The links on this page will take you to Web pages with information about Web publishing software (for Windows and Macintosh). In the case of shareware and freeware, the pages should tell you how to download the software itself. Read the information carefully to ensure that you download the version appropriate for your computer and operating system.

Starting Points


TUCOWS has an enormous range of Internet freeware and shareware available for downloading for Windows and the Mac. Each piece of software is described, rated, and, in some cases, reviewed.

TUCOWS is not a single Web site, but a network of affiliate sites all over the world. You will get the fastest download time by choosing a TUCOWS site that is nearest the location of your Internet Service Provider.

The advantage of using TUCOWS is that for most readers there is almost certainly a mirror nearer than the sites of the individual software companies For this reason, almost all links on this page for non-genealogical shareware/freeware will take you to TUCOWS. TUCOWS itself has links to the home sites of the software it carries, so that you can find out more about a package.

On this page, two links are provided for TUCOWS collection of Windows software:

For Macintosh software, likewise, a US mirror and a UK mirror are given.

To find your nearest TUCOWS mirror go to the home page on TUCOWS main site.

Yahoo's list of World Wide Web resources

Yahoo is the best general place to start looking for any Web software or information. It covers all computer platforms, but, unlike TUCOWS, does not have local copies of software for downloading - it only links to the home site for the software package.

Web Browsers

General Web Authoring Software

HTML Editors


Web Authoring Packages

This is only a selection of the commercial packages available.

PC Magazine's review of Web authoring tools (Jan. 1998)

Web Page Uploading

Genealogical Software

Any software author or publisher whose software is missing from this list is invited to contact me with details.

Genealogy Software with Web Publishing Facilities

The latest versions of the genealogy packages listed here all provide some sort of facility for creating Web pages. These facilities may or may not be present in earlier versions.

GEDCOM->HTML converters

Most of these sites provide examples of the program's output. Mark Knight has created sets of Web pages for many of these using the same GEDCOM file on his Various Genealogy Presentation Forms pages.

GEDCOM Privacy Software

These programs remove information about living persons from a GEDCOM file with a greater or lesser degree of sophistication. Some of the GEDCOM converters listed above can also do this.


Graphics Editors & Converters

There is too much graphics software available to list all individual packages here. The following are some of the more popular shareware and freeware tools for image conversion and editing.

Colour Selection

Image Maps

  • Union Jack TUCOWS' lists of image mappers for Windows and Mac
  • Stars & Stripes TUCOWS' lists of image mappers for Windows and Mac

Link Checkers

Many of the Validation tools will also check links, and some Web authoring software has link checking facilities.

Validation Tools

Note that most of the HTML validation tools only check pages already published on the Web.

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