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What do you need? - Help

These pages should provide enough information to give you some idea of what is involved, and to get you started, but you will need more information if you're to create more than a basic genealogical Web site.

Many of the software tools you can use for creating Web pages will themselves contain help files with a lot of useful material, and this may be all that you require.

There are large numbers of books now available on Web page creation, and, of course, the Web itself has thousands of pages of advice and instruction on all aspects of page creation and site design, from the absolute basics to the most abstruse facilities. (See Appendix 3: On-line Resources)

Also, your browser provides an option to look at how a page is constructed (see the next page), so when you see a good design effect on someone else's web site, you can usually find out how it's done, and adapt it to your own purposes.

You can also learn a lot about the design side of Web authoring simply by looking critically at other people's Web pages and seeing what works well and what doesn't.

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1. Introduction