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The Process of Web Publishing

Assuming you have got your computer, modem, Internet account, and some genealogical information you want to publish, what are the steps necessary to get your material on-line?

  1. Get some Web editing software and try creating some test pages with a variety of editing tools.
  2. Plan your Web site - what is it going to contain, how is it going to be organized?
  3. Create the pages on your own computer, viewing them in your browser as you do so, and checking that the links between them work.
  4. Connect to your Internet provider and upload all the pages which constitute your Web site to the Web server.
  5. Test the pages once they are on the server to make sure they work as intended.
  6. Publicise your pages so that people know they exist.
  7. Maintain and improve them.

The following chapters look at these steps and some of the issues involved.

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1. Introduction