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Outstanding Problems Of Web Publishing

There are, of course, some disadvantages for Web publishing, such as those given in the second table. But the Web is only a few years old, and some of these problems are already being addressed.

Against the Web For Print
Material is available only while the publisher has an Internet account. Once published, material is available in libraries for ever.
The lack of archiving means that published information can be "lost". Libraries and repositories safeguard published information.
If the publisher changes Internet provider, the address of the material may change. Bibliographical references are permanent.
There is no quality control. Editors and publishers guarantee quality.
Charging for access not possible on a non-corporate Internet account. Existing commercial framework means that anyone can sell material.

It is sometimes objected that not everyone has a computer, and this means the Web is limited in its usefulness. But those without Internet access at home or work can use the facilities in Cybercafés and an increasing number of public libraries - it is not necessary to own a computer to access the Web any more than it is necessary to own a microfiche reader to use microfiche publications.

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