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HTML Editors

An HTML editor is an editor which has some special functions specific to Web editing. The method of creating pages - typing in the text and tags - is the same as with a standard editor, but you can also expect to find a button bar for the insertion of common tags, and HTML reference materials at the very least. And there may be more sophisticated features, such as automated table creation, a colour palette, error checking, and even site management tools, which will check that the links between your pages are sound.

Some HTML editors have built-in page viewing facilities, but most are or can be configured to call up your browser automatically when you ask to preview a page you are working on.

The advantage of this type of tool over a standard editor is that it gives you all the flexibility of a text editor but will provide a number of labour-saving shortcuts for the creation of Web pages.


This is a screenshot from HomeSite, a commercial HTML editor (now bundled with Dreamweaver) - you can download a trial version. As well as the main editing window top right, you can see the page preview window at the bottom and the on-line help index on the left. The button bar provides quick access to tags in various categories. See the whole page.

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