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WYSIWYG Web authoring tools

Since word-processors are designed as general purpose document editing tools, they are not really ideal for the creation of Web pages. For this you need to look at the WYSIWYG Web authoring tools, which can perhaps be regarded as special-purpose word-processors. As with a word-processor, you worry about the design and content of your pages, and leave the software to worry about the tags.

They may allow for the complete management of Web sites, ensuring that pages have a common look, as well as providing support for some advanced features which novice users would not easily be able to create with an editor. In many cases they provide "wizards" which take you step by step through the process of creating pages.

They also tend to make using images easier, and they often include facilities to automate the process of uploading pages to your Web server.

Some of these tools are primarily designed to simplify Web publishing for novices, while others are intended to supply every possible need of the professional Web author. Probably the two most widely used commercial packages are:

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft FrontPage

In addition to these commercial products, there are a number of shareware packages, and one that is completely free:

  • Netscape Composer (part of Netscape Communicator)

If you use Netscape as your browser, you will find that you already have Composer (on Netscape's Window menu)

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