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Which is the best tool?

The best tool is the one which has the features you need and which you find easiest to use.

  • It's worth trying to create a simple page with a text editor in any case, just to get some understanding of how Web pages work.Try out the Web authoring facilities of your word-processor
  • Look at a simple WYSIWYG tool such as Netscape Composer

As you get more experienced, you may want to try out some of the other tools, especially the HTML editors.

Remember: because Web pages are stored in a standard, non-proprietary format, you can freely switch between editing tools and you are not tied in to a particular piece of software.

While the range of tools available can be rather daunting, they are regularly reviewed in computer magazines, there are many on-line-reviews, and some software archives, such as TUCOWS, give ratings which will make it easier to decide which to try.

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