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Designing Your Web Site

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Organizing your information

If people come to your Web site expecting to find genealogical information, it is up to you to design your pages so that they can:

  • see what information you provide,
  • easily access the particular information they might be interested in,
  • find out how to get in touch with you.

It is best to think about what you will be providing and how best to organize it before you start creating pages in earnest. Reorganizing a hastily thrown together Web site can be a very time-consuming and tedious job. Initial planning is probably better done with pen and paper than with the computer.

Your basic tools for organization are:

  • the Web page itself
  • links between pages
  • the layout features on the page.

One of the best ways to learn what works and what doesn't is to look critically at other material on the Web.

And one thing is very easy to forget: when you are creating pages on your own computer, they will always be loaded by your browser much faster from your own hard disk than they will load for someone accessing your pages from a distant server via a phone line and a modem.

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4. Designing Your Web Site