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Using Colour

Even without using images, you can give your pages a bit more interest by use of colour. html allows you to specify:

  • a background colour for the whole page
  • text colour (from an individual letter, to the whole page)
  • the colours for links
  • background colours for individual table cells.

With WYSIWYG software you'll probably be able to select colours from a colour palette.

Theoretically, you have up to 16 million colours to play with, but there are very good technical reasons for using a more restricted palette, except in colour photographs: readers will have a range of different computers, graphics cards, monitors and graphics configurations which will defy any attempt at the sort of colour matching one expects of professional colour printing.

Instead, it's best to restrict oneself to what is called the "browser-safe palette" of 216 colours which are guaranteed to display more or less accurately, without dithering, on any colour system.

Even so, be wary of using colour to convey information (say, putting all names of male ancestors in blue) because

  • readers with text-only browsers will not see the colours
  • some readers will have their browser configured to ignore colour specifications contained in a page.

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