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You might think that the only use for tables is to present tabular information such as the database extract in Fig. 2 (p. 16), or the parish register search results in Fig. 17 (p. 51), but in HTML tables are an extremely flexible layout tool for positioning text and graphics on the page, since they allow you to split a page into regions and control their position and size.

You can put either text or images into any cell in a table, which makes it relatively good way to align a group of images and text paragraphs, even when the images are different sizes and the text different lengths. For tabular data, tables can be given borders, while for layout they are usually left without.

This page for example is designed using a table with two rows and three columns:

LogoPage title
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The screenshot below, taken from Netscape Composer, shows the borders of the table cells:

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5. Creating the Pages