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As explained in the previous chapter, each graphic image on a Web page is stored as a separate file and is not part of the page as such. The text of the page simply contains a special tag <IMG> which indicates to the browser the name of the image file.

For example, the tag <IMG SRC="map.gif"> tells the browser to load an image, and that the filename of the image (SRC is short for "source") is map.gif.

HTML also provides various options for the relative alignment of text and images.

An important consideration when using images is to provide for those readers using text-only browsers or who have image loading turned off. There is a special attribute for the <IMG> tag which allows you specify some text to be displayed for any image that is not shown on the page. The tag

<IMG SRC="gr.jpg" ALT="My grandmother at the age of 6">

would display the text after ALT whenever the image doesn't appear. In some browsers this text will also appear when you move the mouse over it and soserves as a caption.

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5. Creating the Pages