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Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

Genealogy mailing lists and newsgroups are good places to announce a new genealogical Web site. If you use an on-line service, it will probably also have a suitable place for such announcements, for example the Genealogy forums on CompuServe.

Remember to give the full URL of your page and a brief description of what's there. Mention the main surnames covered, any particular geographical areas for which you have material, and any transcripts of original sources material.

You can also use newsgroups and mailing lists to announce any major changes to your site, especially if you add any new source materials. But don't overdo it - the whole world doesn't want to know each time you correct a spelling mistake on one of your pages!

Bear in mind that you will generally only be able to post this information in mailing lists you subscribe to, and be careful to post only where it's relevant. Dick Eastman's weekly newsletter regularly mentions new genealogical Web pages under the heading "Home Pages Highlighted".

General places for posting information about new genealogical Web sites are the NEW-GEN-URL mailing list and the GENCMP-L mailing list. The latter is gatewayed with the newsgroup soc.genealogy.computing to which you can post without subscribing to the mailing list. Apart from the various regional and county lists, you could also post to GENBRIT-L, which is gatewayed with the soc.genealogy.britain newsgroup.

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