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Maintaining & Improving Your Web Site

One of the main distinctions between Web genealogy and printed genealogy is that once you've got your Web site up and running, you can continue to modify it. At the very least, your Web site will need "maintenance", and you will need to:

  • Correct any errors which are brought to your attention
  • Repair any technical problems, e.g. missing files, links not working
  • Periodically check that external links are still correct
  • If you're providing information on behalf of a society, check regularly that the information is current, and remove out of date information (or at least flag it as out of date).

But you will probably also want to think about improving and expanding it:

  • Consider expanding the content and improving the design (you won't remain satisfied with your first attempts at Web design anyway!)
    • You might want to add further links to sites of related interest
    • Look at other Web pages for ideas to borrow
    • Take note of any feedback from readers, particularly if something has been hard to find or use

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