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The purpose of this chapter is to look at some of the other features you will find on Web pages, and discuss what is involved in creating them. Unlike the material in previous chapters, these all require more or less expertise, and are not for beginners. Also, where these facilities depend on the server, Internet providers often make them available only on business accounts.

Because these are more complex facilities, this section will not show you how to create them - you will need to refer to reference materials to find out in more detail what is involved, and you may need to invest considerable time in learning how to implement them, or to purchase specialist software tools.

However, one thing to bear in mind is the rapid development of the Web, both in what is technically available and in what is supported by ISPs. Some of the facilities discussed here are currently not practicable for the individual user, but may well be more widely available in the future. For some of those which at present require considerable expertise, there may be ready-made solutions or easy-to-use tools.

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7. Advanced Web Facilities