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Image Maps

An image map is a special type of graphic image on a Web page. When you click on it with the mouse, exactly which page it links to depends where on the map you click. It need not actually be a map in the cartographic sense, but this is one obvious use that genealogists will find for it. The graphical "button bars" found on many Web sites are often image maps.

Although there are two ways to implement image maps, only one of these is a realistic proposition for the individual user, the client-side image map, so called because the map information is stored in the Web page itself (rather than in a separate file on the server). The easiest way to add an image map to a page is to use a special image map utility, which will help you to specify the various regions of the image and will create the tags to be added to the page. Some graphics software, too, can handle image maps. You should remember that some readers, accessing your page with text-only browsers or with images switched off, will not be able to see or use image maps, and you will need to provide an alternative for these visitors.

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